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"If you're looking for immediate results,
try applying the principles presented in this book." –

Is there any part of your life
you would like to know how
to make better?

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What Is Quality?

Quality as a Tool for Success

The Necessary Steps Before Personal Improvement Can Occur

The Difference Between Personal Development and Personal Improvement

Quality is so Easy, Why Settle for Less?

Quality is an Attitude

Increase Your Success by Increasing Quality

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"I am truly blown away."

"If you're looking for immediate results, try applying the principles presented in this book."

"This book has inspired me to raise the bar in all areas of my life, and with your simple and realistic approach, I know that I can!"

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This book is all about BETTER. It cuts through the assumptions and agreements and misunderstandings that hold most people down, and goes straight into the actions that build people up.

What is BETTER? Well, how would you describe BETTER? Here are some of the possibilities:

Brighter prospects for the future
Higher confidence
More money
Happier family
More rewarding and/or better paying work
Greater respect from others
Less stress

Quote from the book, page 15:
"Everyone who succeeds does something better. It is the one thing they all have in common (not counting lottery winners and heirs to fortunes)."

BETTER means different things to different people

Here is how one reader answered this question, in her review on Amazon:

If you are interested in making the best choices for yourself, creating worthwhile opportunities for yourself and others, and being the person you want to be along the way, this is the book you've been waiting for.

The very next review talks about it also:

Although there are many great personal development books out there, this is the first I have read with such a pointed focus on the concept of "quality" in our lives. In a society that sometimes seems to value quantity over quality, this book provides the reader an opportunity to reflect on what areas of our lives could use some "quality" improvements. This book has inspired me to raise the bar in all areas of my life, and with Mr. Dewsnap's simple and realistic approach, I know that I can!

Some parts of BETTER seem magical, but aren't

Little bits of knowledge can create big results. One line in this book might turn you into a more loving (and loved) spouse. Another might earn you a commendation from your boss. Another will get your teenage son to actually ask your advice. These are all actual results, among many more. None of it is mystical, or anything but sensible. Just stuff a person doesn't usually think about.

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No tricks or "-isms" or "-ologies"

Nothing upsets me more than reading a self-improvement book and finding out I need to "believe in myself" or learn self-hypnosis or "think happy thoughts" or have faith in some cosmic law that someone just now discovered. Think the way that someone else thinks, and I'll get rich? Pardon the bubble-popping, but that's all ridiculous. I'll decide what makes sense to me, thank you.

This book makes sense. It is built on logic and good sense, and doesn't ask anything more of a reader than to read it and decide what parts of it to apply to his or her life.

Chapter One of the book:
What Does It Mean to Make Things Better?

"Failure is not lack of perfection. A person is not a "failure" if he is not perfect. Failure is only lack of improvement. A person who is improving is succeeding. As he improves his own life and the lives of people around him, he is more and more successful. There are no upper limits.

Whether a person is five or fifty, he can change. That is one of the wonderful things about being alive. The past, and everything a person has done or thought or learned, is done. It's over. One can do and think and learn new things in the present, and in the future. One can improve. The big question, of course, is how?

This book is one way. It doesn't cover all of life, or provide every possible avenue to improvement, but it does cover one very workable avenue very thoroughly. Some of the things you will read here you will agree with, and start to use. Some of them, you might not. That is okay. I don't expect or want you to take my word for anything in this book. This is not about faith. This is about logic, and experience, and what works for you."

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I asked my brother what he thought of the book, because he is level-headed and has a very good life:

I am overwhelmed by the level of thought and careful consideration you have put into this subject. Had anyone asked me to offer a few observations about the nature of quality, I would never have arrived at the detail and thoroughness your book provides. I am truly blown away.

It is like a philosophical essay. You are reasoning with your readers, and leading them to new perspectives. It was that aspect of the book I found most interesting and instructive.

No rah-rah bubbly enthusiastic pie-in-the-sky promises

While it is true that the seven principles and fourteen actions described in this book have some immediate results, we are talking about a whole life here! As it says on page 13, an ocean liner is not going to turn on a dime. Some improvements take time.

As for promises, all I can tell you is that the seven principles in this book are simple and logical and make sense. There is no question about being able to understand it. The only question is what parts of it you decide to use. The more of it you use, and keep using, the better your life will be. There is no plateau, no "this is as good as it can get." The curve keeps going up.

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Learning the seven principles of quality didn't come easy

Ever read the Edgar Allan Poe story, "The Purloined Letter"? No one could find the stolen letter, because it was in plain sight.

The hardest part of digging out the seven actual, workable principles of quality was that they were hidden in plain sight. The problem was, many unworkable, even opposite, ideas are also out there in plain sight. Take all the things that "everybody knows," dissect them, and you will find out that many of them are wrong, or incomplete, or only half-right, or even destructive. Then add in the social agreements, the unwritten rules, the cultural biases, and authoritarian pronouncements, and you can see why real, workable principles get lost in the confusion.

So it has taken years, twenty years and more, for me to extract, boil down, test, and refine the seven principles of quality. Am I the only one to know them? Of course not. You probably know them also. But here they are, all in one place, laid out clearly, not mixed in with a lot of clutter. Do they work? Well, my life is a heckuva lot better than it was five years ago, much less ten, or twenty. I succeed far more often than I fail, and hear a lot of compliments. And I know, without a shadow of doubt, that next year will be even better than last year.

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